Value Proposition

Service thesis

In IRStrat, we understand Investor Relations (IR) as a complex and strategic function that includes:

Corporate Finance



Strategic PR

Finance law


Effective solution

Effective solution: We have assembled a multidisciplinary team and developed strategic partnership network gathering the knowledge and expertise required to fully cover IR core areas, with the goal of providing effective solutions, building a competitive edge over other agencies whose services are limited to PR activities or some back office processes.

Inside out

Inside out: Bolstering our advantage in our expertise and extensive network of contacts in the Mexican market; we regard linking and exposure to international markets as strategic aspects, which we constantly strengthen, however, we also believe that only a consulting firm established in Mexico can effectively and fully meet the complex needs of Mexican companies.


Win-win: We look after and maximize your investment, for this reason, we have developed our own analytics, monitoring and measurement tools, seeking to provide the most advanced solutions that meet your specific needs, without undermining your investment and time in multiple teams and budgets.