Debt Issuance Program

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A construction company has significantly moved forward in the implementation of its business plan, through the placement of a Eurodollar bond. Therefore, based on its knowledge of the financial markets, the company wants to provide the best investor services to its bondholders, in parallel to begin developing greater capacities in investor relations and corporate governance that allows it to carry out a subsequent issuance of Eurobonds or an IPO in the medium term.


After performing a beauty contest between IR consultancy firms in Mexico, the company decided to contract IRStrat’s Fixed Income Program solution, with the mandate to streamline the process of a subsequent debt placement and lay down the foundations for a potential IPO.



Our team, working with the senior management, begins to fine-tune the company’s investment thesis, history and competitive advantage, as well as the communication style (qualitative and quantitative), an optimal prospecting and communication strategy, and an agenda of financial PR. Likewise, disclosure policies are structured and IR processes, functions and KPIs are determined.