Fixed Income Program

Fixed income program

This solutions package is oriented to the companies that have already entered the debt market and are willing to implement an IR program, either to execute a new debt issuance more effectively or lay down the foundations for an IPO. IRStrat’s solution focuses on improving the visibility in the markets to increase the demand for the instruments, achieving an improved trading (greater liquidity of the bond, as well as better relative valuations), and expanding the institutional investor base. This package includes:

Strategic core

  • Investment thesis development
  • Shaping of competitive advantage narrative
  • Crafting of the history narrative
  • Development of long-term guidance
  • Communication style shaping (qualitative and quantitative mix)

Communication and strategic disclosure

  • Wires publishing strategy
  • Distribution of announcements on quarterly earnings reports and conference calls
  • Outreach to financial and specialized media
  • Distribution list management

Analyst coverage

  • Valuation models development (DCFs and nodes)
  • Sell-side investors targeting
  • Presentations to analysis departments

Strategic agenda

  • National and international financial events (summits, roundtables, forums, and so on)
  • Participative lobbying (we seek visibility)