Client's Profile

A publicly traded company and bond issuer engaged in the infrastructure development and operation sector, currently standing at a not very advantageous position on the market, with an analyst coverage of four institutions and placed in the medium liquidity category of the Mexican Stock Exchange’s ranking, decides to underpin its IR program, focusing on improving the company’s position in these fronts. This, with the dual objective of performing a comprehensive financial engineering program that includes the execution of multiple follow-ons, as well as the refinancing of its Senior Notes and issuance of a new Eurobond.


For its wide spectrum of innovative solutions, specifically tailored for publicly traded Mexican companies, IRStrat is engaged as strategic advisor, contracting the full-service package (IRStrat I + IRStrat II + IRStrat III), with the mandate of enhancing the delivery of message quality, optimizing the narrative and communication of the strategic message, as well as profiling and rapidly expand investor base and analyst coverage. The foregoing, aimed at strengthening the company’s positioning on the markets, to improve the trading of its shares and achieve a more attractive mark-to-market valuation.



IRStrat carries out an integral assessment of the factors that determine the issuer’s positioning, through an initial perception study covering the company’s investment thesis and its communication, its management team’s performance, its stock trading, and effectiveness of its IR program, among other aspects. With the collected information, IRStrat develops a strategic road map to lead our customer to the top levels of adoption of best practices and market awareness. Furthermore, IRStrat establishes the KPIs/targets and tracking mechanisms to ensure a successful execution.

Our team, working with the senior management, begins to develop the company’s investment thesis, history and competitive advantage, as well as the communication style (qualitative and quantitative), and an optimal lobbying, prospecting and communication strategy.