Team Spirit

IR website

Total development: Spanish and English content, graphic identity, and a responsive and intelligent platform.

Sample Item

Interactive report

Editing of Spanish and English content, graphic identity, responsive and intelligent platform.

Project Title

Annual report

We have several solutions, from graphic editing, to the complete solution, with information collection and content editing.

Maecenas sodales

Sustainability report

Our team will assist in the preparation of the report in accordance with the newest GRI standards, hand in hand with achieving the highest quality in terms of message and visuals.

Maecenas sodales

Financial packages

We have several financial packages that include financial feed, ticker development, interactive graphics, valuation multiples and interactive downloads.

The Ocean Surfers

IREdge 3.0 tool

IREdge 3.0 is a control panel (CRM), specialized in IR, with intelligence interfaces to all your communications and relations.

IREdge 3.0 solutions can be contracted independently at an individual cost per service.