Why IRStrat?

Why IRStrat?

IRStrat is the best option for the Mexican market in Investor Relations, thanks to the deep financial knowledge of its team, its ample portfolio of services and its extensive network of institutional contacts, both in Mexico and in international markets.

Our expertise in Mexico allow us to work efficiently to enhance your company’s access to the growing participation of Mexican pension funds in local instruments similar to yours.

We are the best option to develop and communicate your investment thesis, as no other consulting firm in the industry has the same comprehensive understanding of the Mexican culture and of the country’s macroeconomic fundamentals than us.

How to explain the key operational aspects of your company when the adequate market understanding is lacking?
Who is better suited to help you engage with the Mexican market than a capable team formed by national experts and consultants?
“We work incessantly inwards to forge a strong international reach outward”.

We are in constant communication with the market and local authorities, always vigilant to comply with regulations and best corporate governance practices and, through our Canadian office, we maintain close relations with major markets and authorities in North America (NYSE, TSX, SEC, among others).

We seek to deliver tailor-made solutions: we adjust our solutions to your needs, not the other way around. In addition, our portfolio includes in-house analytics, monitoring and measurement tools, aimed to offer you comprehensive services that covers all your needs; making our agility, quality and effectiveness unparalleled.