Who we are?

We are a Mexican boutique-consulting firm focused on serving the Mexican market, for which we have offices in Mexico and Canada. We specialize in Investor Relations, implemented in the right direction for achieving outstanding and tangible results, covering all its core areas: corporate finance, communication and marketing, trading, strategic PR and financial law.

We carry out specific mandates such as underpinning of private companies’ practices; preparation for fixed-income placements; Pre-IPO processes; preparation for IPO; perception management; and advice for improving liquidity.

We have the best team of professionals, we have been IROs, investment bankers, traders and analysts, and we have been involved in the execution of complex operations in the Mexican market (M&As, divestitures, and debt and equity placements). Therefore, we speak the market’s language, and we can advise you on strategic financial transactions and craft effective communication programs that drive the attention of investors, analysts and specialized media to your company.

We believe that the best investment lies in achieving an optimal positioning and perception in the financial markets, which is in turn required to receive a fair valuation and improve the liquidity of any security: we do not believe in impossible tasks and our value is grounded on effective, specific and tangible solutions.