Debt Issuance

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A Mexican telecommunications company has constantly expanded its infrastructure through the signing of revolving and syndicated loans. However, the company wants to perform a corporate refinancing to extend loan terms without implying a constant renegotiation and reduce interest payments. For this reason, the company plans to take advantage of the low interest rate environment in the international markets; therefore, it decided to issue a Eurodollar bond.


Through an exhaustive due diligence, the Company decided to contract IRStrat’s Debt Issuance solution, with the mandate to ease the Eurobond issuance, shorten the execution time and minimize the cost of the instrument.



IRStrat performs a preliminary market study and assesses the client's issuance scope in the international debt markets, to elaborate a detailed action plan for achieving an optimal placement. Likewise, IRStrat prepares a work agenda detailing the precise steps to complete the filing of the Eurobond prospectus and determine its indenture.

Our team, working with the senior management, begins to develop the company’s investment thesis, history and competitive advantage, as well as the communication style (qualitative and quantitative) and an optimal communication strategy.