Liquidity Enchancement Program

Liquidity enhancement program

This solutions package is aimed at companies that have already entered the capital markets, however, due to the lack of planning for optimum liquidity in its IPO or follow-ons, or the constant deterioration of their fundamentals or IR program, are in need to re-energize the trading of their securities and reposition the latter in the market. IRStrat’s solution focuses on designing effective strategies encompassing trading, issuance, prospecting and expansion of investor base, as well as improving visibility and perception in the markets, to achieve a higher liquidity and valuation. Our package includes:

Strategic plan

  • Initial study on trading depth and reach
  • Development of a capacity assessment grid
  • Enhanced investors base proxy
  • Deconcentration plan
  • Follow-on proxy

Market reporting and day-to-day communications

  • Earnings release drafting and circle-up
  • Annual report and regulatory filings drafting and circle-up
  • Investors presentations drafting and quarterly updating
  • Quarterly updates of investment fact sheet
  • Consultancy on communication and development of annual guidance
  • Press releases drafting
  • Contact point for investors
  • Consultancy on interviews (traditional and social media)

Analyst coverage

  • Express plan to raise coverage
  • Development of DCFs valuation models
  • Sell-side investors targeting
  • Presentations to analysis departments

Strategic agenda

  • National and international financial events (summits, roundtables, forums, and so on)
  • Participative lobbying (we seek visibility)