Annual and Sustainability Report

IRStrat offers an integral portfolio of services required for the production of a robust and successful annual sustainability report, capable of effectively conveying in a graphic, interactive and textual way your company’s message to your investors and stakeholders, building value-based corporate narratives that drive action and create a positive perception.
Value proposition: We have a strong advantage over our competitors who mostly focus on graphic design, derived from the synergies of our core business in investor relations consulting and financial lobbying. We have the ability to put at your service our senior team of specialists in financial communications and sustainability, expert translators and top-tier editors, in addition to our staff of designers and programmers.

Graphical development

  • General and graphical concept of the report
  • Development of design proposals
  • Design optimization
  • Graphic production (Spanish and English)
  • Print monitoring
  • Development of PDF (download version)